Design and installation

 Walkways, patios, walls, planting annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs: whether you are seeking a basic structure which you can fill in on your own, or a finished, fully developed project we can work with you. Our specialty is working with the lay of the land, and problem solving drainage and access issues due to the topography of many Lakes Region properties. 

Spring and fall cleanups

We have the equipment to handle the biggest leaf and debris piles efficiently, and haul all of it away, leaving your property neat and ready for your enjoyment.

Mulch and Compost

We stock our own bark mulch and can install it for you, or deliver to you house for you to use at your convenience. 

Regular lawn maintenance

Correct mowing procedures avoid damaging lawns, reduce disease and weed proliferation, and produce a sharp professional result that sets off the entire property.  We fertilize and apply lime, dethatch and core-aerate when appropriate as well. Pesticide/herbicide applications are sub-contracted to a certified, licensed applicator.  

Annuals provide a season-long boost of color

Whether you are sprucing up for a special event, filling in a new perennial planting , or just like more color, we can install bedding annuals and create planters specifically for your location and tastes. 


Proper pruning improves the overall health and appearance of shrubs and trees, keeping them in proportion to the landscaping overall. Most of our pruning is done by hand, resulting in a cleaner, natural form. 

Additional Services

Sod and seed lawns

Sod lawns provide instant gratification setting off your home and landscaping. Seed lawns are slower to establish, but are lower maintenance over time, and resilient to the New England weather extremes and are generally the choice of the budget-conscious.  


We can help you identify what you have and wish to keep, and overall bring the jungle under control; a daunting task without the appropriate tools and equipment. It is a challenge that we welcome.


The necessary site work that accompanies construction and new septic installations leaves a raw mess. It can take years to revert to the wooded natural areas the Lakes Region is known for. We have specialized in shortening the process of natural regrowth: cleaning the site, planting native trees and native woodland plants, and spreading peat and compost to jump-start development of mosses and small plants, providing a more natural appearance almost immediately.  

 For detailed information on plant material available, with pictures, we invite you to visit the following wholesale nursery websites - these suppliers have extensive online plant catalogues with pictures:

Millican Nurseries

Van Berkum Nursery 

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